What is the Cost of Developing an Android & iOS App in Malaysia?

With a growing number of smartphone users in Malaysia, the demand for mobile apps is on the rise. But, when it comes to developing apps, most local developers face a major hurdle: the cost of doing so. There are many factors that play a role in determining the cost of developing an Android or iOS app in Malaysia. It also depends on the development team you have available to work on your project. Below are some of the main factors that will affect your project’s costs:

1. The Development Costs

The costs to develop apps can vary significantly depending on the market, technology and industry. Here are some estimates based on data from mobile app development companies in Malaysia.

iOS Development Costs: RM16-60K per month
Android Development Costs: RM12-30K per month

The first thing to do is to decide which type of app you want to develop. There are two different types of apps: native and hybrid. The native app is developed with a specific platform. This means that it will run on the device on which it was built, and it cannot be downloaded or run on other devices. The hybrid app is a combination of HTML5 and native code. This means that it can be run on any device, but the developer has to pay for each version they make. The other thing you need to decide is whether you want to build your app using HTML5 or the native method. Most developers use HTML5 for their apps because it is more flexible. It can be used to build a lot of different types of apps. However, native apps are also very useful. They have better performance and work well on specific devices. If you want your app to be popular and widely used, you should go for native method.

2. The Maintenance Costs

The maintenance cost of a mobile app includes the cost of designing, coding and deploying the applications in the marketplace. You will also need to update and maintain your app as the requirements and features change. If your app gets popular, the cost for maintenance may increase, so it’s better to plan accordingly. However, it is not easy to predict how popular your app will become. To get a good idea of the future maintenance cost, you need to ask yourself some questions, such as how often do you plan to update and maintain your app, how many users will use your app, how much data do you plan to upload to the cloud, how big is your app, etc. If you don’t have enough information, you can always ask your developer to provide you with a quote. The price of a mobile app can be different depending on how complicated it is, what technology it uses, how much data it has to process, how many users it needs to cater for and how big it is.

For example, if you want to update the data and code in your app, the cost can vary from RM2000 to RM15000, depending on the size of the app. Therefore, if you plan to release your app in the market, you need to estimate the maintenance costs, or else you may regret it. This is because these apps have to be updated at least every six months or once a year, but it depends on your requirements.

3. The Advertising Costs

With a market share of around 90% and a revenue of RM10.9 billion in the last 12 months, Apple and Google are now the undisputed king and queen of the mobile world. So what is the cost of advertising in Malaysia? How much does it cost to get your app noticed and downloaded in the first place? In short, if you want your app to be seen by 100,000 people, you would need to spend around RM500,000 in advertising. However, not all apps require the same amount of advertising budget. Some of them don’t even require any. That is why you must take a look at your app and determine what kind of app you have. There are apps that are targeted towards a certain type of audience. The ones that are more popular, for example, will have a larger budget.

The cost of advertising for mobile apps will vary. Some may cost between RM30,000 – RM50,000 for a 30 day period, while others can be as low as RM5,000. So the only way to know exactly how much it costs is by asking someone who knows. But don’t forget to include all the services that you need, like printing, hosting, and any additional costs such as an event.

The cost of advertising is dependent on many factors, one of which is the size of the audience. The bigger the audience, the higher the cost of advertising. The more downloads your app has, the bigger the audience. And the bigger the audience, the more you have to spend.

4. The Legal Costs

So, how does an app developer go about resolving any legal issues in regards to the content within their app? Well, there are several different ways to go about this and, in some cases, it depends on the jurisdiction of where the app was made. In many countries, copyright laws apply. Copyright law dictates that the app developer (and any related parties, such as the company who created the app) must have permission from the publisher of the book or other intellectual property that they want to use. In the case of movies, music and video games, you’ll often find that you can’t use it in your app without the publishers permission. However, if this is well taken care of by the developer, you will not end up having to spend lots of money to resolve the legal issues that ensued.

5. The Tax Costs

If you are planning to bring an app or mobile game into the Malaysian market, you must be aware of the costs that come along with it. The main cost you need to consider is the value-added tax (VAT) which is imposed by the government of Malaysia. According to the Malaysian Income Tax Act, the total tax is 16%. For a start-up, it can be quite high. It should be noted that this cost is borne by the app developer and not by the consumer. However, this only applies to paid apps and in-app purchases.

6. The Support Costs

The customer support costs are one of the most common complaints we’ve heard from entrepreneurs. However, we have discovered that nowadays customer support costs are actually the cheapest part of the overall costs. This is a huge advantage for businesses as they will be able to provide great customer service to stand out from the crowd. Happy app users means more word of mouth recommendations which then leads to a successful app in the market.


There are a few things that you need to consider before you decide to go for development. The first thing that you need to do is to find the right team to handle the task. You can only hire the right people if you know what you are looking for. You need to define who your ideal candidate is first. You can then begin to screen them for their experience, skills, abilities, and personality traits. If you are looking to develop an app for Android or iOS in Malaysia, the cost can range from RM 20,000-RM 50,000, depending on the type of app you want to create and its complexity.

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