Education ERP – A Complete Campus Management System

Education ERP has changed everything when it comes to campus automation solutions. An ERP system focuses on simplicity and usability by avoiding cluttering interface and complex task for greater user experience. College or University Management Systems built based on ERP, offer easy access of all data about campuses, students and staffs under the college/university in the same place. This can be used as a channel to interact with all campuses, students and staffs under the university. For example, with the administration module, a university can monitor all academic and fee details of students with ease. The collected data can also be used to measure performance of all campuses, students and staffs under the university.

Sample College Management System dashboard

Main benefits of College or University Management Systems

  • Marketing Automation (from Marketing to Admission within 1 day!)
  • Online Application
  • Admission Process
  • Finance Management
  • Efficient Time Tabling & QR Code Attendance
  • Exam Management
  • HR Management (manage employee Leave and Attendance)
  • and many more..

Education ERP Modules and Services

Possible Issues faced by College or University

  • Do not have a single software to manage the entire operation and hence data integrations were always a big challenge.
  • Marketing does not have a single point interface to manage all the enquiries in order to optimize admissions (conversion). Online applications were not linked with the previous software, hence duplicate entries need to be managed by admin. Consolidated reports are quite inaccurate since data were stored in different systems.
  • Even though Admissions process is supposed to be a funnel, current software does not support the operations.
  • Finance Aging report might be inaccurate since current software does not knock off the invoices when they do open payments.
  • Invoice generation is manual and requires a lot of resources to manage the billing for hundreds/thousands of students.

A quality Education ERP will definitely improve every aspect of education experience. If you are looking for a high performance and robust process oriented system for your Institution, College or University, feel free to contact us here. We will be glad to provide you with a customized Campus Management System solution.

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