The Importance of Web Maintenance

TSB Web Consulting has been providing web maintenance services to SMEs and corporates for many years. Throughout the time, we have had customers inquiries regarding our services and the purpose of web maintenance. Your website is the hub of your business’s web presence. This is a critical fact, which cannot be overlooked as you grow and continue to reach more clients. An outdated website full of irrelevant information and broken links is sure to send customers running. To avoid the possibility of scaring your customers away, we implement some simple steps for keeping your site fresh and appealing to your customers and fans.

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New Content: Keep Things Fresh and Updated

Adding new content to your site on a regular basis is an obvious way to keep it maintained. It is arguably the most time-consuming way to keep your site fresh, but is essential for grabbing the attention of new clients and keeping current ones in the loop with what’s going on in your corner of the world.

New content can include diversified product offerings, tutorials for using your product (or product “hacks”) and blog content from the owner discussing the industry or behind-the-scenes look. In order to maintain your new content, it’s a good idea to implement a content calendar that will keep you on track with updating your posts and product pages.

Keep up with Website Standards

While it may not make for entertaining dinner time conversation, an understanding of website standards is crucial for keeping your website maintained. Standards are built on HTML, and that dictates the way you need to format your site, upload your content, manage mobile interfaces and do almost everything else on your site.

Ensure Your Website is Secure

Do you run to your receipt drawer every time you hear about a credit card hack at a major retailer? Credit hacks and information heists are not the purview of bricks-and-mortar companies alone. In fact, there are even more ways for dishonest users to skim information from online transactions – particularly on sites without proper security measures in place.

Outdated website can be vulnerable to exploits, and that’s bad news for both you and your customers. Keeping your website up to date with proper security is vital to your business’s success. You need to keep track of transaction security and information storage, as well as any possible backdoor vulnerabilities that leave your site open to attack.

Make use of New Web Technologies and Plugins

Similar to keeping your web standards up to snuff, you want to utilize new web technologies and plugins, when they’re applicable to your business offerings. Keeping your website nimble with new technologies not only gives you added benefit from each visitor to your site, but gives you an edge above your competition.

Users who can see that your business is engaged and up-to-date with the latest tech offerings are going to view you as a market leader in your niche. This will draw new clients and will promote repeat business for satisfied purchasers.

Utilize SEO

SEO is one of the most important metrics for businesses that operate online. SEO is the ticket to bringing more visitors to your site and to capturing the demographic you’re seeking.

To take advantage of what SEO can bring to your business, you need to purchase keyword campaigns that promote your website when web users search for phrases that pertain to the services that your business offers. This would require expertise and experience of an internet marketer.

Speed Up Your Site

Is your site slow? Do pages lag when you load them?

Depending on how slow your site is, your customers may not be willing to sit around and wait for individual pages to load. This will send traffic away from your site and to your competitors’ more nimble web stores.

There are tools that you can use to measure site speed and learn which components are weighing your system down.

Free Up Your Space

Your hosting space is one of your most valuable resources, so it behooves you to make the best use of every GB that you pay for. Letting loose old pages and irrelevant info can give your site new life and open up new space for your current and improved content.

Use a Tech Pro

A technology professional who understands the ins and outs of web design and understands how to utilize website tools can help your business reach the next level. Your tech professional can revitalize your site and make sure that your system is up to date.

Proper and regular backups are also essential to keep your site safe in the event of a system failure or site crash. Technology pros handle the ins and outs of automating your backup protocol to keep your site secure.


Maintaining your website involves many factors and a lot of experience. However, because it’s your business’s online front door and showroom floor, you need to give it everything you’ve got. Learning the standards for keeping your site current and implementing safety, content, and design features, can really help your business stand out. Still not convinced? Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation or get a customized quotation today just for your company.

The Importance of Web Maintenance
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The Importance of Web Maintenance
TSB Web Consulting has been providing web maintenance services to SMEs and corporates at KK, Sabah for many years.
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