How much for one website ah?

Becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur has never been easier. However, one BIG question remains. The first question most fondly asked by our clients, “How much will it cost us?” or more casually, “How much for one website ah?”

So, what is the estimated cost for a website? Answering this question is no easy task. This is the main reason that we would normally recommend prospective clients to contact us directly. To date, we have produced hundreds of customized quotations for our clients. We believe that every website is unique, thus having different requirements. However, do let us give you a bit of perspective on the cost for a responsive web design in Sabah.

First of all, it is not just about how many pages i.e. Home, About, FAQ, Services, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Contacts and so on, are required for the website. Depending on the requirements, additional features and functions must be added in order to create and run the website successfully. Hence, the cost of a mobile friendly web design in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah varies greatly between projects, more so if it will require special features and functions.

Do not be fooled by claims suggesting that you can start your own affordable e-commerce website for less than RM1000. Investment is required for an offline business; location, design, inventory system, marketing, staff, equipment, etc and the same goes for an online business. This is an important factor to consider in order to build a successful website that will generate a big portion of income for your business.

Solutions and platforms for your e-commerce business

There are different types of e-commerce business models i.e. Business to Consumer (B2C), B2B, C2B, C2C and so on. An e-commerce business also involves selling different types of goods such as physical products, digital products as well as services. Understanding our clients’ needs, we provide software solutions and platforms to meet the requirements of various e-commerce industries.

Directory Platform – Suitable for businesses that require an online directory, i.e. business directory, mall directory, car or property listings and so on.

Hospitality and Travel industry – Advanced solutions for hotel chains, hotels, lodges, inns, chalet, guest houses, apartment rentals and so on. Our all-in-one custom solutions include online booking system, property management system, channel management system and other related features.

Tour and Travel industry – Suitable for tour operators, travel agencies and other tourism related websites. Manage your reservations, bookings, tour and travel packages, all at one place.

Property Management – Advanced and custom solutions to manage your homestay, apartment, villa, chalet and other rentals.

Social Marketplace – Combine the power of social network with a marketplace website.

Borneon Run

A sample web design in Sabah that is responsive and mobile-friendly

The process of determining the cost of your website might be a bit puzzling at first. As a start, we have provided a short checklist below:

Type of website; e.g. Corporate, Catalog, E-Commerce, Shopping Mall, Community, Social E-Learning or Marketplace?

This will determine if the website requires features such as shopping cart, social network, multivendor, video hosting and so on.

The possible pages required can then be determined.

We will then determine the best web hosting that suits your requirements.

From here, we might then come up with an estimation of between RM1600 to RM7999 for a responsive web design package

Get Started With Our Custom Website Implementation Packages!

Wait, is that it for a responsive web design in Sabah? Of course not! We are not even halfway there yet!

Web Design Sabah

A Complete Responsive Web Design Sabah Package Starting From RM1600

In order for us to come up with an accurate estimation, we will require you to fill in the rest of the puzzle for us, especially if you will be selling online.

The pieces are such as:

We will need to determine the size of your website. Are you selling one product or hundreds or thousands?

For those products, are they sold in multiple variations such as colour and size?

If so, will there be differences in terms of pricing for those variations?

Will you require us to initially insert some or all of the products into the website? Are they organized neatly in a file in terms of product description and pricing?

Are the product images ready to be inserted or will they require some editing? Will they need to be watermarked?

For the compulsory website pages i.e. About Us, Policies, Contacts and so on, are the content ready to be inserted?

What payment methods will you be offering? E.g. PayPal, Credit Card, Online Bank Transfers or Cash?

What shipping options will you be offering? Free, Per Cart, Per Order, Per Location or Per Weight/Dimensions?

How about package tracking features? Will you need it to come with auto notifications?

Do you require any special inventory management features? E.g. multiple warehouse/seller per the same product?

How about other standard features such as live chat, newsletters, popups, social media channels and a responsive website? (we strongly advise having these features)

What are your plans in terms of online marketing? Do you require assistance in terms of SEO, SEM, SMM or Email Marketing?

What are your plans in terms of website maintenance? Fortunately, our website packages come with an economic website maintenance plan. However, if you require more, do visit our website maintenance page 🙂

PHEW! That was long, yet necessary. Having these information will help us to determine the working hours required to accomplish the project, hence providing you with a good cost estimation. Our web design Sabah packages are highly affordable especially for startups and SMEs.

Anyway, why go through all that hassle when you can just call/WhatsApp us for enquiries at +60168335153. Let’s set an appointment to get all these questions answered.

Additional you may still submit the form below and we will provide a FREE estimated responsive web design package just for you.


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