4 Reasons To Switch Your WordPress Hosting Provider

Whether it’s an existing WordPress website or a brand new site, hosting can be a costly proposition. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to switch hosts. The following are just 4 of the reasons why you should switch your WordPress hosting provider and not continue with your current host:

1. Security

With just a Google search, you can find that there are more than 455 million WordPress websites in the world. This accounts for more than 35% of the market share. With a high number of users, WordPress is also highly targeted by hackers with malware and vulnerabilities. There are many ways to secure a WordPress website which is an entire topic on its own, such as with plugins and 3rd party services. However, they do come with hefty prices that not all can afford. At TSB, our cloud hosting is protected by 7G Firewall and ModSecurity WAF, configured for WordPress at no additional costs. This gives you a peace of mind even before you begin working on your website.

2. Performance

If your website is under a heavy load, you will likely experience performance issues or website crashes (memory fatal error anyone?). Especially if your WordPress website is bloated with plugins and 3rd party services. This is true for e-commerce websites during peak time or when an article in a news media site goes viral. A normal web hosting will not be able to support the sudden high increase in traffic. With TSB cloud hosting, resources will be temporarily increased to support the traffic without the website going down. This way, you do not lose traffic and provides sufficient time to consider a web hosting upgrade. For WordPress website with high traffic, it is also best to separate your email hosting from your web hosting.

3. Support

If you experience problems or need assistance, your host’s support is not always the fastest. Whether you are having issues with your email or website, at TSB we are just a phone call or message away, serving our loyal clients for over 10 years.

4. Bandwidth

While your current provider might offer unlimited bandwidth, this is not true with any shared hosting plan. Without our cloud hosting plan, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and space, suitable for high traffic websites with frequent updates. Our email hosting plans also come with plenty of storage for your emails.


WordPress is a great tool for building websites, but if you have tried to build a website with WordPress and found that you are running into issues, you may want to switch hosting providers to find one that better fits your needs. When looking for a new hosting provider, it is important to carefully evaluate the features offered by the provider and not just focus on price. While you want a low cost plan, make sure you get value for money. Many providers offer good prices, but fail miserably in providing the service that you would expect. So, choose wisely, don’t just sign up because they give you a good price.

Don’t get stuck with an unreliable host provider and risk losing your site or even getting hacked. Switch to TSB today, and you can enjoy the mentioned benefits.

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