We Want Unlimited Disk Space

Once a while, TSB Web Consulting would receive inquiries regarding unlimited web hosting plans that offer unlimited resources with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth to store and manage mountains of emails, files and documents. Most of the time, the inquiries are from business owners who have grown tired of receiving the “WARNING: Your email account is almost full” email subject line every week. Business owners simply do not have the time to be bothered by such mundane task of clearing their email accounts.

How is this even possible with unlimited web hosting?

However, this begs the question of how is it even possible to offer such packages, especially when everything will certainly have a limit. To be direct and frank, it is impossible. It is only made possible due to the well-known practise of ‘overselling‘ in the web hosting industry. Explaining further, a lot of web hosting companies are operating on the assumption (but enforced with non-obvious terms in contracts) that most of their customers will not use a significant portion of their allocated web hosting resources. Basically, the unlimited web hosting package is ‘unlimited’ only until a limit set by the web hosting company has been reached. This is also the reason web hosting companies are able to offer cheap shared web hosting packages.

Therefore, besides disk space and bandwidth, business owners must look at the other features being offered in order to identify a suitable web hosting package that is of good quality. This can include customer service and support, server uptime, backup and security services and caching services.

Possible Solutions for SMEs

With these information in mind, essentially a web hosting should not be seen as a cloud storage service but only as a ‘house’ to store your website files, images and maybe some videos. Hence, what can one do when faced with such dilemma of not having enough disk space? Below are some of the possible solutions that can free up disk space in your web hosting:

At TSB Web Consulting, we offer affordable and premium web hosting packages. For a FREE consultation on choosing the best web hosting solution for your business needs, do not hesitate to request for a quotation or contact us directly.

Is Unlimited Web Hosting Possible?
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Is Unlimited Web Hosting Possible?
Is unlimited web hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domain names possible? The short answer is yes. The long answer is no.
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