How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page

In today’s business world, it’s essential to have an online presence in order to keep up with all the competition. If you own a business or represent one, you know how important it is to have an online presence that makes your business look great and keeps customers coming back time and time again. However, many business owners do not understand the importance of having a strong Google My Business page, and they fail to optimize their efforts as a result. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about optimizing your Google My Business page so that you can attract more customers, more often.

Include all relevant contact info

The Contact Info section is often one of (if not, THE) most important sections of your GMB. You need to provide all of your contact information here and also provide an accurate and up-to-date description for each address. This section will be displayed on top of your listing so you want it to look nice! Make sure it includes your official business name, address, phone number, email and website.

Add Keywords to your description

The second thing you’ll want to do is check that your business listing has all of its keywords in it. If it doesn’t, add them now! There are several ways to make sure your business is listed with search engines. One way is by using a management system like Yelp. Alternatively, you can look for your company on Google directly and see if there’s an option for adding or editing your listing. This won’t help you improve ranking for local searches, but will ensure that your company information (name, address, hours of operation) is available across multiple search platforms.

Add photos, videos, phone numbers, and website addresses to your business page

While you might use a separate website for photos, videos, and phone numbers (depending on what your business is), it’s important that these are all updated with the latest contact information. The last thing you want is people visiting your page in search of basic information like hours or location. If someone searches for your business but can’t find essential information like your address or number, they’re less likely to visit in person—and more likely to take their business elsewhere.

Set up online scheduling

One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is by offering online scheduling. Customers can quickly and easily make appointments in your schedule, meaning they don’t have to spend time on hold or leave you messages asking when they can come in. Online scheduling also helps you get a good idea of what days and times are more popular than others, so you can schedule accordingly.

Describe your business in detail

When you add a place on your GMB, you’ll have four categories to choose from: physical address, phone number, business category and hours of operation. All these categories are very important in conveying exactly what kind of business you’re running and what kinds of customers should be visiting. While it’s certainly OK to leave some or all of these categories blank if your business doesn’t fit into one or more—for example, if you run a home-based service—it’s best not to skip any. If possible, fill out as much detail as possible for every category in order to provide potential customers with all they need (and then some) before deciding whether or not they want to visit your store/restaurant/business.

List services you offer

This is one of two lists you’ll need to complete in order to maximize your profile. Make sure you list any services you offer that don’t involve your actual business (for example, if you are a consultant, also list mentoring and public speaking). If no services come to mind immediately, think about what else would increase your online presence and improve visibility for potential clients or customers. Services could include: social media management, optimizing website content, search engine optimization (SEO), community management and more. Don’t forget links for each!

Keep it up-to-date!

Keeping your information up-to-date and accurate is a crucial part of having a good page. Use Google My Business’ ownership verification option to ensure you’re always using your business or brand name when making edits. And, of course, don’t forget about adding photos; you can do so with just an Android phone or tablet. Take advantage of these features as much as possible. The process should be quick and painless, but if it isn’t, reach out to your local Google My Business Support Manager for assistance.

Manage reviews on your Google My Business Page

There are a few different things you can do with your Google reviews. If you want all of them displayed, then set up customer review snippets by choosing Yes under Reviews to show in search results. You can also choose not to display reviews that aren’t recommended by clicking No under Show reviews from these sources. You can read more about how we choose which comments and reviews get recommended on your page here. There are a few reasons why we recommend limiting your review snippets – it saves real estate on your page and there is no additional information for potential customers when they land on your page as opposed to having too many comment boxes.


Overall, your GMB (or your Google My Business) is one of many locations you should be trying to populate with as much information as possible. Think of it like any other social media page: You need a cover photo, an introductory paragraph that tells people what you do, and links to any additional material you may have on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter. And remember that although you should focus on helping customers first, filling out your GMB can also help boost your SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines value local search results highly, so having a strong presence here can potentially push more people down the funnel towards conversion. Do not hesitate to contact us for your search engine marketing needs!

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