A Good Earner: Turn Your Website Into a Sales and Lead Generating Machine

Your website is as integral to your business as a brick and mortar storefront, and how you implement your site’s capabilities is as important as your floor plan. Some organizations set up their site to be all about fast revenue via e-commerce sales, while others focus their site on lead generation for points of contact like phone calls or physical location visits. The common goal for any business’ website though is always the same: leveraging growth. There are numerous ways to to accomplish boosting your sales or lead generation, but knowing where to start can be tricky. Here are a few of the best ways to make your website into a good earner regardless of whether your goal is fresh leads or more sales.

Conversion Audits

Do you know with absolute certainty that your website is built to convert traffic into sales or leads? The simple truth is that many web design companies are extremely skilled at creating visually appealing websites, but they are not necessarily experts in boosting conversion rates. A professional conversion audit may incur a small expense, but there are few solutions for improving your site that give a higher return on investment for making improvements.

Heat Map Clicks on Your Website

There are numerous services and utilities that let you determine where your site traffic visitors are clicking or not clicking to help you evaluate positioning on your website in order to attract clicks. Heat map tools allow you to see not only where visitors click, but also how far down the page they are scrolling when they do visit. This technique is essential to helping your business test multiple call-to-action locations and know with certainty what is being seen and clicked, and provides the insight necessary to properly target your marketing for converting your web traffic into sales and leads.

Use Your Google Analytics Data

It is 2017, why aren’t you doing this already? In all seriousness, if you don’t know what sources of traffic aren’t earning in terms of conversion, you are not using your marketing dollars or your website effectively. If those Facebook posts and tweets aren’t sending customer to your site and converting browsers into buyers, you need to make some changes in how you allocate your marketing efforts, but you won’t know what works and what doesn’t without looking at your traffic data via Google Analytics. Fully understanding how your traffic is trending means you can eliminate low traffic sources and redirect your resources to channels where your marketing is doing the most good.

Install Live Chat

More and more sites are implementing live chat to save sales and boost conversion by adding that often needed gentle push. What you may not realize is that live chat has significantly more uses than just driving sales. For example, restaurateurs can make implement live chat do aid in generating more reservations online by answering general questions about the menu and venue and clarifying driving directions. Best of all, most live chat services are already configured to function via mobile phone apps, allowing you to have an employee monitoring the live chat to ensure quality of service. This low cost option can produce significant results with minimal effort, so it is well worth looking into how live chat can work for your website and business.

Trust Signals Boost Business

When your customers trust your business, they are more than likely going to be repeat customers who will be willing to submit survey responses or write testimonials. Collect and showcase this data from customers or notable industry partners to help continue to establish a relationship of trust with new potential buyers. Above all else though, do not include fake testimonials as they are extremely easy to spot and are a major turnoff to potential customers who are considering doing business with you.

Exit Popups Work

Getting customers to visit your site is not cheap. Even without pay-per-click traffic, the time and effort that go into SEO and social media marketing development has a direct cost-per-visitor attached to it. Visitors that leave your site after a quick perusal often never return, so it is vital that you use every available means to attempt conversion. Popup exit offers are often just the right option when it comes to converting those customers who are on their way out the door, and even the slightest boost in conversion should be welcome. Exit popups over time really do improve ROI for marketing dollars, so give it a shot.

Turn Your Website Into a Sales and Leads Generating Machine Today!

Altogether, the techniques and strategy you employ to drive traffic and conversion via your website are what will determine how successfully your website earns for your business. Take a good hard look at how your business is driving traffic and getting online sales, if you think you can do better, start looking into implementing some of these strategies for your marketing plan. Even little changes can have a major impact, and the sooner you get started, the sooner your site will be a good earner for your business. Ready to get started? Contact TSB Web Consulting today!

A Good Earner: Turn Your Website Into a Sales and Lead Generating Machine
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A Good Earner: Turn Your Website Into a Sales and Lead Generating Machine
Is your website built to convert traffic into sales and leads? Many companies have created visually appealing websites, but not boosting conversion rates.
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