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What are the five factors you must consider before choosing a payment gateway for your online business?

Online shopping has become a trend thanks to convenience to buy anytime, anywhere, as everything is reachable with one tap on a mobile device. The process is straightforward and fast, and you do not need to leave your home to perform purchases. To make sure that your customers enjoy the whole online shopping experience, you would like to ensure that your customers are ready to make payments safely during the checkout process.

Payment comes as a final step within the purchasing process, thus as an online business you’ve got to make sure that the payment platform they’re going to make the payment on is secure and trustworthy.

Here are five factors that you simply should take into consideration while choosing your payment system.

1. Is the payment gateway secure and reliable?

You should never compromise the safety of your online payment system. It should be protecting all the credit card transactions and personal information of your customers. This is possible if the payment gateway supports highest security standards imposed by central banks and complies with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

For example, 3D-Secure is another layer of security feature required for Internet transactions. It gives an additional layer of assurance as a client has got to enter a one-time-password (OTP) code sent to their registered mobile. Payment gateway such as iPay88 is in compliance with PCI-DSS level 1 to make sure that all transactions are safeguarded.

2. What fees does payment gateway incur?

When choosing a payment gateway, you’ll generally encounter different fees that varies from one company to another. Below are examples of the kinds of fees that might be incurred:

Transaction fee (MDR)
Transaction fee (MDR) or better referred to as “Merchant Discount Rate” is that the sort of fee which will be charged by payment gateway on every successful transaction.

Setup fee
 It’s a one-time payment to setup the new account.

Annual fee
It’s a yearly payment for maintenance of the system, technology and support.

3. Is it simple to integrate?

The integration could also be a hassle, therefore, you ought to make sure that a payment gateway has ready-made plugins with various shopping cart providers. This will ease the integration process for you and can give more room in terms of making an honest shopping environment for your customers instead. Today, the selection of local or international shopping cart is vast, thus take care in choosing one.

4. Is there any fraud prevention system included?

You need to seek out a payment gateway that’s equipped with fraud protection system to filter each transaction from possible fraudulent activity. It might be costly for you to put in your own protection system thus seek out a payment gateway that has trustworthy and reputable anti-fraud system. For example, iPay88 has “ZepSecure”, which can assist you in monitoring transactions and customise your security preferences.

5. Is your payment gateway equipped to handle multiple payment methods and currencies?

Before you begin your online business, you would like to understand the demographics of your customers. If you’ve already started your online business, website analytics and shipping data could show you the countries and region that your online customers come from.

Although multiple currency isn’t a particularly important feature, but it’s going to be helpful to be able to charge your customers in their local currency. Some of the favored payment methods that are widely used are like Visa, Mastercard, FPX, UnionPay, e-Wallet and in-Store cash. By offering more payment options, you’ll be ready to attract more customers and generate more sales.



While there are many payment gateways to settle on, choosing the proper payment gateway makes a big difference for your business. By selecting the proper payment gateway, it can have a positive impact on your entire customers’ experience and profitability. If you’ve got any questions about choosing a payment gateway, we would be glad to help. Do contact us here.

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