Web App Launches to Make It Easy to Buy Car Parts

New online marketplace does away with the hassle and delay that used to be so common when buying car parts in New Zealand, Auto Chain reports.

Whether for DIY Kiwis or auto repair professionals, there is now a better, easier way to buy car parts in New Zealand, thanks to the launch of Auto Chain. The brand-new online marketplace provides convenient access to New Zealand’s most trusted auto parts suppliers at a single site. Instead of spending hours comparing prices and inventories, Auto Chain users can assess all their auto parts options quickly and simply. As a quick view here will make clear, there is no better, simpler way to buy new or used car parts in New Zealand.

“We’re happy to report that Auto Chain is now online and serving parts buyers throughout New Zealand,” said Auto Chain representative Hui Ian Tan. “We love working on cars ourselves, but, like so many Kiwis, had long been dissatisfied with the hassles that came with buying parts in New Zealand. We created Auto Chain to do away with the phone calls and trips to stores that used to be required. Our new Auto Chain online marketplace is a simple, accessible way to find new or used car parts of any kind at the lowest prices. We’re happy to report that the initial response has been truly enthusiastic, with DIY and professional mechanics all over New Zealand even now making use of the service.”

A recent report from research firm IBISWorld characterized the car parts market in New Zealand as a place of particularly rapid growth. With the national fleet growing older even as motor vehicle registrations have risen steadily, demand for car parts and accessories surged a notable 3.9 percent over the course of 2017 alone. Unfortunately, actually locating and buying car parts in New Zealand has long been a source of frustration for many. The country’s modest population and remoteness constrain access to retail products relative to many other nations, a situation that has often forced Kiwi mechanics to do too much legwork to buy even the most commonly required parts.

Auto Chain was created to provide, for the first time, a satisfying solution to this longstanding problem. With products from New Zealand’s most trustworthy and competitive auto parts suppliers all collected and listed at a single site, Auto Chain users can accomplish in minutes what could formerly have taken hours or days of work. After entering the details of the required part, Auto Chain visitors receive clear, detailed quotes from carefully vetted suppliers and can subsequently leave reviews detailing their experiences. DIY and professional mechanics are invited to read more here about the Auto Chain system and how it makes it easier than ever before to buy car parts in New Zealand.

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About Auto Chain:
Buying car parts in New Zealand has never been easier, thanks to Auto Chain. Collecting the inventories of New Zealand’s most trustworthy suppliers together in one place, Auto Chain makes it simple to find top-quality parts at the lowest prices.

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