A revolutionary product for deep rooted plants

GroYield Holdings Berhad (GHB) is established with the mission to grow global farming yield. The distinctive green technology that the company possesses is among the industry’s finest invention- GroYield.

GroYield is a revolutionary product as it is a class of its own- a nutritional product, for deep rooted plants. Back in 2008, the unique formula of GroYield was concocted specially for rubber trees, as the result of many years of scientific and practical research and development in the lab, followed by intensive application on test-site rubber plantation. Usage of GroYield increases latex yield gradually and improve the overall health of the tree.

Such latex not only retains its dry rubber content (DRC), it eventually shows increase in the DRC percentage. A notable feature of GroYield is that, the health of the tree is significantly improved after prolonged application.

In 2017, GroYield is transformed to a public establishment, where it anticipates to raise fund for its expansion of production line, market sector as well as research development. The company aims to build the valuation at RM1billion during its initial public offering (IPO).

In May 2018, GroYield has been awarded as The Excellent Accelerate Entrepreneurs 2018 as they welcome more partners and investors to come together and create a greener future.

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