7 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe

Technology has evolved quite a lot over the years and has become very advanced as well. This is also the reason why your computer needs to be safer than ever before. It is important that you keep your computer safe and well protected from complex malicious viruses and bugs at all times while being on the internet. Hence, if you are looking for different ways to keep your computer safe, do continue reading!

1. Antivirus

This is the best way to protect your computer and almost everyone clever resorts to it as well. These are the sole software packages that should be running as well as updated on your PC. They should work in the background at all times to not only block viruses but all other types of malware as well. There is no reason for your PC to not have an antivirus as there are a lot of great antivirus software provided for free in the Internet.

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2. Malware Scanner

This is probably the second option that should also be installed after the antivirus. This is because the best antivirus programs can also miss any occasional attack of a malware. Thus, it is recommended that you scan your PC frequently with these tools to keep your computer safe.

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3. Firewall

Just like an antivirus this is a type of program which runs all the times while it also controls the traffic between the PC and the network elsewhere on the internet too. Windows also has their own firewall that works great.

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4. Updates

This should be selected as automatic Windows updates and you can search for them in Windows 7 or 8 through Change settings in the left pane of Windows Update. For Windows 10 you can select ‘Advanced options’ to do the same.

5. Accounts

This is also a very important step to be performed. You should have at least an administrator type account that manages windows while there should be a separate one for working and playing etc. A new one can be made through User Accounts tool to make a new Administrator account. Choose standard for your previous one and do the work in it.

6. Browser

You should also update your browser just like your Windows. Make sure it is updated regularly so that it blocks any suspicious sites.

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7. Encryption

Even if your PC is stolen, you can still protect your passwords through encryption that is done to your important files in a secure folder.

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The above specified ways if followed well can really keep your computer protected and safe irrespective of the viruses and bugs being more complicated and advanced than before. Thus, make sure that you apply all these to your computer to fight well against all harmful elements at all times.


7 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe
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7 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe
It is important that you keep your computer safe and well protected from complex malicious viruses and bugs at all times while being on the internet.
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